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Parkway Elementary Meets Randy the Penguin


Parkway Elementary students were surprised by a special visitor during their monthly Paw Wow gathering. Tyler Westgerdes, a second grader, recently visited the Newport Aquarium. Tyler loves penguins and was ecstatic to get to see their exhibit. During his visit, Tyler decided to give a donation of five dollars to be used for the penguins. He attached a note that included his first name and the town where he lives. The Newport Aquarium was touched by this generous donation and wanted to thank Tyler, but they would need a last name. The aquarium took to social media and posted the note on Facebook. Mr. Bruce, a second-grade teacher, saw the note and recognized Tyler’s handwriting. The Newport Aquarium was then contacted, and a program was planned for Parkway Elementary students. At the Paw Wow, a representative from the aquarium announced that in combination with the Wave Foundation they would be matching Tyler’s donation and would donate an additional $5,000 to be used for the penguin exhibit. After this announcement, she stated that the aquarium had another surprise for the students. She brought out a penguin named Randy. Randy waddled around the gymnasium and showed the students many of his tricks. The students got to learn many facts about penguins and their habitat. Parkway Elementary would like to thank the Newport Aquarium and commend Tyler for his generosity.  

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