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8th Grade Students Take to the Track to Learn About Motion

Mr. Peel's Class at Track
Students in Mr. Peel’s 8th-grade science class started the school year with a unit on motion. While the weather was still nice, the students were able to conduct investigations first-hand out at the track. For this activity, students measured distance and the time needed to complete the distance.  After the data was collected, speed was calculated for each student. Of course, some students enjoy a little friendly competition, so there were a few races of short/long distances and a comparison of speeds. After all, when standing at the starting line on the track, who wouldn’t have the urge to race? When talking about the activity Mr. Peel commented "I try to get students outside as much as possible during the start of school as a transition back into the classroom. It's also a better learning environment to get students up and in motion for this first unit of physical science."

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