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Parkway Students Compete in Lego Mindstorms Competition at WSU-LC

On March 10, ten Parkway Middle School students participated in the Wright State Lake Campus Robot Challenge. Students included Gavin Dicke, Trenton Garwood, Hutch Ridenour, Gabby Stober, Abby Baltzell, Sarah Sheppard, Tori Williams, Madison Louth, Trent Rollins and Tyler Rowen. The objective of the robot challenge was for the students to come up with a program that would successfully run their Lego Mindstorm through various obstacle courses. Students began preparing for the competition during Panther Time, which was when they were first introduced to Lego Mindstorms. In order for students to successfully program their Mindstorms, they had to collaborate as a team and think critically. The students spent a lot of time outside class learning various programming commands and working out strategies to best maneuver through different courses. Parkway Team 1 (Gavin Dicke, Trenton Garwood, Trent Rollins, Madison Louth & Tori Williams) took 1st place on Maze 2 and 2nd place on Maze 1. Parkway Team 2 (Gabby Stober, Hutch Ridenour, Abby Baltzell, Sarah Sheppard & Tyler Rowen) took 1st place on Maze 1 and 2nd place on Maze 2.

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