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Parkway Elementary Hosts COSI on Wheels
By: PHS Junior Lauren Henderson

  On October 25, Parkway Elementary students were excited to welcome COSI on Wheels back to Parkway. This year COSI’s theme was energy. COSI On Wheels is the traveling outreach program of COSI Columbus that engages students with a dynamic opening assembly and fun, hands-on science activities aligned with the Ohio Academic Content Standards and the National Science Education Standards. On Wednesday, COSI set up multiple stations that were ran by Parkway High School physics students. The kids traveled to the different stations to get a hands on lesson from the high school students about the different aspects of energy. Stations such as the “U-shaped ramp” helped teach the kids about mass. Another station taught the students about conductors and insulators in an electrical circuit. Another fun station the kids really enjoyed was  “Boom goes the Domino,” where students learned about how it takes energy to knock down the dominos.  
Parkway Elementary was able to bring COSI on Wheels to the school with the help of the High 5 organization which hosts the school carnival every spring and collects box tops  to help raise funds for educational experiences for Parkway Students.  

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