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Science Club visits S&S Family Farms 

By: PHS Senior Mackenzie Sipe
Mr. E Taped to Wall

The Parkway Science Club toured S & S Family Farms, LLC located just outside Rockford on March 27. Bryan Stephenson along with his father Dave built a greenhouse in 2006 and founded their hydroponic lettuce business.

Members of the Science Club learned about the maintenance, science, and business of growing hydroponic lettuce. In the production area of the greenhouse, the students were surrounded by 6,400 heads of lettuce. Students got to see the growth process from seeds to a mature heads for harvesting and packaging. Bryan and Dave answered many questions about the growing process. Bryan shared with the students that when straight-line winds damaged the greenhouse shortly after it was built in 2006, they had to battle mold and disease issues in their products. The students also learned that besides lettuce, S&S Family Farms has also been successful growing flowers, cucumbers, and strawberries. Thanks to the hospitality of Bryan and Dave, the members of the science club learned more about what it takes to run a hydroponic operation. 


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