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Academic Alumni HOF Criteria and Application Process

Parkway Local Schools Criteria & Application Process for the

“Academic Alumni Hall of Fame” 


 The goal for the Academic Alumni Hall of Fame is to recognize successful former students who have contributed to their profession and community while practicing character qualities such as perseverance, self-discipline, curiosity, honesty, responsibility, etc. They serve as an example for current students and former graduates as well as all of the community.

 Nominations for the hall of fame may be made by anyone. Criteria for nomination are: 1) a graduate of Parkway Local Schools (including Willshire, Rockford, Mendon-Union, and Parkway), 2) graduated at least ten years prior to nomination, 3) give time to enhance their profession, and 4) demonstrate leadership, citizenship, and volunteerism.

 The award is presented at the Parkway High School Spring Awards Program in May to no more than 3 recipients annually. A plaque listing all recipients is to be displayed in a high traffic and visibility area for students and community members.

 Nominees either send a testimonial or speak briefly to the students about how character education helped them achieve success at the Awards Night. The Academic Hall of Fame encourages students to develop good character to lead to success. 

 To nominate individuals for the Parkway Local Schools Academic Alumni Hall of Fame, contact Parkway High School at 419-363-3045, ext #760 or mail Parkway High School, 400 Buckeye St., Rockford, OH  45882. Please provide the individual’s name, year of graduation, career position, and current contact information; or you may complete the application posted on parkwayschools.org and mail it to the address above.  Nominations must be submitted by the 3rd Friday in November, to be considered. Upon nomination, individuals will receive information on applying for the Academic Alumni Hall of Fame. Applications must be completed by January 10 of each year.

 A committee of five Parkway staff members score the applications using a rubric to determine each year’s recipients. Applicants are notified in February of the results. Previous nominees are encouraged update their applications by the January 10 deadline. Previous applications are kept on file indefinitely.