1.  Find a safe place to keep your books.  It should be high enough so little children and pets cannot reach the books.  By using the same safe place you will be able to locate your books when it is time to return them.  

2.  Keep water, juice, and food away from books.  Liquids & crumbs cause pages to stick together, tear, stain, and mold.  

3.  Keep crayons, markers, pencils, glue, & scissors away from books.  Small children sometimes aren’t able to tell the difference.  Do not write, draw, or scribble in books.  

4.  Use a bookmark.  Please do not turn down the corner of pages, bend back the spine, or lay one book inside another.  Bent pages tear easily; when book spines are broken the book loses pages or the binding is broken.  

5.   Turn pages from the outside corners. 

6.  Clean hands equal clean books.