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Hall of Fame Purpose



The purpose of the Parkway Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize individuals who have distinguished themselves in the field of athletics, by virtue of athletic performance on athletic teams, or by meritorious service.


1) A nominee will be considered for induction into the Parkway Athletic Hall of Fame, ten years after their class graduation and/or one year after completion of employment with Parkway Local Schools.

2) Nominees must have demonstrated good citizenship and meritorious service to Parkway Schools.

3) The nominee must have excelled in the field of athletics as a performer, coach, administrator, or other worthy contributions.


1) The committee (11 members) shall consist of the Athletic Director, High School Principal, one board member, three head coaches, one current high school teacher, three community members, and one member of the Parkway Athletic Boosters.

2) The selection committee shall be chaired by the Athletic Director.


1) Nominations for Hall of Fame consideration shall be in writing and on the official nomination form, which is available in the Parkway Athletic Office upon request
and on the Parkway Local Schools website. Nominations may be originated by any member of the Parkway community, Parkway alumni, family members or interested persons.

2) All nominations should be sent to the Parkway Athletic Director, 400 Buckeye St., Rockford, Ohio 45882.

3) Once nominated the candidate will remain under consideration for ten years.

4) Nominations are due by September 30th each year.

5) The first year seven nominees will be inducted. Each year after no more than three nominees will be inducted.

6) The Athletic Director will review nominations and compile accurate information which will be distributed to the selection committee prior to meeting in November.

7) The Selection Committee will meet in November to vote on inductees into the Parkway Hall of Fame.

8) All eleven members of the Selection Committee must be present at the November meeting.

9) The selection committee will meet in November and individually arrange nominees’ names in order of preference. The top three (except for the initial year which will be seven) will be placed on a second ballot and voted on individually. A 2/3 approval of the selection committee is needed for acceptance into the Parkway Hall of Fame.


1) The time of induction into the Parkway Hall of Fame shall be during halftime of a home boys’ basketball game in January or February.

2) Each inductee will receive a plaque bearing his/her likeness as well as a written dialogue documenting his/her accomplishments. A duplicate plaque will be added to the existing Hall of Fame Plaques displayed at the High School.

3) The inscription shall read: “In recognition of outstanding athletic accomplishments, honor and service to Parkway Schools; the names and
likenesses of those so honored and forever enshrined in the Parkway Athletic Hall of Fame”.

4) The Athletic Director will handle all arrangements for the ceremony and banquet to be held after the game.