Parkway Local Schools


Alumni Hall of Fame

           The Academic Alumni Hall of Fame began with the 2010-2011 school year. The goal of creating the Academic Alumni Hall of Fame is to recognize successful former students, who have contributed to their profession and community while practicing character qualities such as perseverance, self-discipline, curiosity, honesty, responsibility, etc. This serves as an example for current students and former graduates as well as all of the community.

         Nominations for the hall of fame may be made by anyone. A committee of five consisting of the Parkway High School principal, high school counselor, and one teacher from each of the building levels – elementary, middle school, and high school, will make the final selection of no more than five recipients the first year and no more than three recipients in the following years. Criteria for nomination are: graduate of Parkway Local Schools (including Willshire, Rockford, Mendon-Union, and Parkway), graduated at least ten years prior to nomination, give time to enhance their profession, and demonstrate leadership, citizenship, and volunteerism.

         The award will be presented at the Parkway High School Spring Awards Program. A large and diversified group of people will become aware of good character. Students will see how successful one can be if the principles of good character are practiced. Although “rewards” are public recognition, self satisfaction is the true reward. A plaque will be displayed in a high traffic area for students and community members to see frequently.

         Nominees may send testimonials or speak to the students about how character education helped them achieve success. Students will internalize the concept that good character develops successful citizens. The Academic Hall of Fame will encourage students to develop good character to succeed.