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Web 2.0 Resources

What Is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 resources are websites and web applications which are run in the browser, which allow users to collaborate on projects using separate computers by sharing the creation and editing of a product on a common account. Web 2.0 is about the creation of new content in a collaboration, rather that the Web 1.0 function of only retrieving information in a static way.

edtech_periodic-table clickable.pdf

Prezi - online presentations which zoom from one topic to the next. Click for Example

Bubbl.us - Online webbing, brainstorming and idea mapping.

Glogster- Interactive, online poster, allows embedded video and sound. Click for Example

Padlet - online notice board where students in a group can post portions of assignments and collaborate.

Animoto - Turns your pictures and videos into short video presentations with music. Click for Example

Wordle - Cut and paste text into Wordle to create a word cloud that can show the frequency of word use within the text. See Above.

timetoast - Online, multimedia timeline creator. Click for Example

Make Beliefs Comix - Create your own comic strip using provided images. Example

Aviary - Online photo, audio and music editing. 

Museum Box - Online space to curate images, videos, websites on research topics.

WeVideo - Online video splicing and editing.

Jog the Web - Creates a list of webpages while allowing you to see the page within the website.

Diigo - Highlight, annotate, archive and share information from websites.

Khan Academy - self-directed learning with videos and online exercises.

Popplet - Collect, curate and share your idea maps, images and sources.

Dipity - online, multimedia timeline generator.

Useful Charts - Not really Web 2.0, but a visual approach to many academic topics, good for use with Mimio and LCD projectors.

WatchKnowLearn - Educational videos organized by subject and searchable by grade level. Use in conjunction with VuSafe.

CreazaEducation - Free, online mindmapping, cartoon creation, and audio and video mixer.

Storybird - create online and printable storybooks using professional art.

Citelighter- clip, copy, cite, comment and organize web research online, and create bibliography.

Create an expression wall with images, music and video. Example