Graduation Requirements and Information

Class of 2018 -2022


The minimum requirements in compliance with board policy for graduation are listed below.

Part I:  All students must earn at least twenty-two (22) units of credit with the following specific requirements:

English Language Arts – 4 Units 
Mathematics – 4 Units (including Algebra II or Equivalent)
Social Studies - 3 Units 
Science - 3 Units (including 1 Life, 1 Physical, 1 Advanced)
Health – ½ Unit 
Physical Education½ Unit 
Electives –7 Units (Including 2 Semesters of Fine Arts)

Total Overall Required Units - 22

Part II: All students must meet one of the following options for a diploma:

Option 1: End Of Course Exams (EOC"s):  Students must earn at least 18 points and meet the minimum requirements in each of the following categories:
English Language Arts - 4 points
English Language Arts I
English Language Arts II
Mathematics - 4 points
Algebra I
Science & Social Studies - 6 points
American History
  Opportunities to take the EOC's are in December, March and/or April each year.

Option 2: Achieve ACT College-Ready Scores: All Juniors will be given the ACT in the Spring. Students choosing Option 2 must earn the following scores in order to earn a diploma:
English - 18
Math - 22
Reading - 22
Science - 23

Option 3: Earn Industry Certification and a Work-Readiness score on WorkKeys. (Option for Vantage students.Meet with the Vantage counselor for more information on WorkKeys)

Ohio’s High School Graduation Requirements

Classes of 2023 and Beyond

STEP #1 – Earn the Required Credits – 22 Total Credits


4 Credits


4 Credits

1 credit earned in 8th grade

1 credit must be Algebra II or equiv.


3 Credits

1 credit Life Science

1 credit Physical Sci. (earned in 8th grade)

1 credit Adv. Science

Social Studies

3 Credits

1 cr. American History

1 cr. World History

1 cr. Civics


½ Credit

Phys Ed.

½ credit

¼ credit earned in 8th grade (except c/of 2024)


7 credits

STEP #2 – Show Competency

Plan A:  Earn a competent score on Algebra I and English II EOCs (684).

-If this plan fails, there are 3 options…

Option 1: Demonstrate Two Career Focused Activities 

  • one foundational (proficient scores on WebXams, 12-point industry credential, or pre-apprenticeship program) 


  • one supporting (Work-based learning, proficient WorkKeys Exam, or OhioMeansJobs Readiness Seal)

Option 2: Enlist in the Military

  • show evidence that you have signed a contract to enter a branch of the US armed services upon graduation

Option 3: Complete College Coursework

  • Earn credit for one college-level math and/or college-level English course through College Credit Plus

STEP #3 – Show Readiness

As part of the new graduation requirement, students will be required to show readiness by earning 2 of the new “SEALS” created by the Department of Education.

These seals allow students to concentrate in their area of strength and allows great flexibility.

DON’T PANIC! Your school counselor will meet with students to help determine future goals and help them determine which seals they will pursue.

The Seals

* 2 or more Seals required

* at least ONE of the two must be OHIO DESIGNED:

Ohio Designed Seals:

++OhioMeansJobs Readiness Seal (form & rubric available now)

++Industry-Recognized Credential Seal (12 point credential)

++College-Ready Seal (remediation-free scores on ACT or SAT)

++Military Enlistment Seal (evidence of enlistment)

++Citizenship Seal (proficient scores on Am. History & Government 

EOCs or A/B in equivalent CCP courses)

++Science Seal (proficient score on biology EOC or A/B in equivalent 

CCP course)

++Honors Diploma Seal (earn any of the six Honors Diplomas)

++Seal of Biliteracy (prove language proficiency through a test-based 

option and proficient score on ELA II EOC)

++ Technology Seal (A/B on approved CCP course or another course 

that meets the guidelines)

Locally Designed Seals:

++Community Service Seal (complete a certain number of community service hours; 

more info coming)

++Fine and Performing Arts Seal (more info coming)

++Student Engagement Seal (meet requirements of active involvement in school activities; more info coming)