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How to: Online Catalog

All students may look through our library collection online.  During the 20-21 school year 3rd and 4th graders are encouraged to place holds on books.  Kindergarten, first, and second grade students may make requests but we prefer  they pick from the books made available to them during their library time.

Find a Book
Parkway Elementary Library Catalog

1. Isearch: search using the title, author, or subject then place a hold
2. Icat: search for books by clicking on visuals then fill out a book request

**Students are encouraged to use Icat

Request a Book

After your child finds a book they may need help requesting it.  
To make a book request your child needs to know the title and the author.  The book request link will bring you to a form.  The form has two parts.

Part 1: Please, tell me your child's name and their homeroom teacher
Part 2: Please, tell me the title of the book your child wants and the author

Once you fill it out you can submit it.  It may take up to a week to fill the request.

Extra Instructions:

1.  Open the Book Request form
2.  Fill out part 1 of form - First and last name - homeroom teacher... submit
3. Open Library Catalog (link on form opens in 2nd tab)

3.  Find the Book you want 
4.  Find the Title and Author of the book you want
5.  Copy the book's title
6. Click back to the Request form tab paste the title
7. Click back to the Library Catalog Tab - copy the book's author
8. Click back to request from
9.  Submit form

**Students may make a general request or leave that section blank
* Students may type in the book title and author but if they type it wrong they may not get the book