Principal's Message

                                                AUGUST, 2017

 Dear Parents:

      It's exciting to start a new school year and see all of the smiling faces walking the hallways again!  I hope you and your children have had an active and enjoyable summer and are ready for the opportunities that the new school year presents.

      I want to bring you up to date on staff changes that are in effect for this year.  The following staff are either new or are serving in a new position: Miss Line, 3rd grade; Mrs. McDonough, 3rd grade; Mrs. Chittum, Title 1; Mrs. Putman, Special Education; Mrs. Williams, 2nd grade; Michelle Rogers, Preschool Teacher;  and Mrs. Hipply, School Nurse.

      A reminder to our kindergarteners—on August 22 and 23, attendance is by appointment only as our teachers begin individual assessments and get to know your child one-on-one.  On August 24, only kindergarten boys are to attend  and only girls on the 25th.  August 28 is the first day that all kindergarteners attend together.

      Parents are reminded to use either the elementary parking lot or the high school parking lot when dropping off or picking up students.  The east lot (middle school-district office entrances) is reserved for busses.  I encourage you to use the available parking spaces when dropping off and picking up your child.  Please meet your child on the sidewalk and escort them to your car.  If you use the curb for drop-off/pick-up, be sure you are not in the marked no parking zones and move up as far as you can to accommodate as many vehicles as possible.  If you need to enter the building, you must use a parking space.  Please be courteous and never double-park.  Preschoolers are to be picked up at the doors at the south end of the building at 11:15 or 3:15, depending on the session attended. Thanks for your help!

      If you have any questions during the year, be sure to give me a call at 419-363-3045, ext. 721.  Let's have a great year and go Panthers!


 Mark Esselstein, Principal


              August 29-Mr. E. will meet with all kindergarteners in their classrooms.

              September 4—Labor Day—No school.

                                5—Boy Scouts/Cub Scout information presented during                                                    lunch.

                                8--5th grade state testing reward trip to the YMCA with 4th 
                                             grade teachers.

                               11—Boy Scout Registration Night.

                               12—School Board meeting, 6:30 p.m.

                               13—Fall pictures with LifeTouch for alternate preschool.

                               14—Fall pictures with LifeTouch for all students.

                   October 9—Waiver Day—No school for students; in-service for 

                                11—Girl Scouts presentations during lunches.

                                12—Girl Scouts Registration Night.

                                20—End of first 9-week grading period.

                                25—COSI on Wheels, “Energy!” presentation.