Principal's Message






Dear Parents:

    These first two weeks of school have gone very smoothly and our students seem very eager to learn.  Please make sure you set up a homework routine at home—same time, same quiet place—so they get the needed practice on the skills they are learning in the classroom.  Homework is the student's responsibility, not yours.  I do want our parents to make sure that homework is completed and done with full effort and focus, and, in grades 2-4, to sign the agenda book each night to let the teacher know that you have checked over your child's work.

    Thank you for your cooperation in getting the online student forms completed by the deadline. If your contact information changes during the school year, please go to the online forms, update your information, then click on save and submit to the district. The process will be easier for you next year as you will only need to log-in, verify the information is still correct, and submit.  Also, many thanks to our kindergarten parents for submitting your child’s immunization records on time also!

    The month of September is dominated by state-mandated assessments, primarily in reading.  We utilize the data from state diagnostics, STAR Reading and DIBELS to determine which students may need specific interventions during our RTI time. If students continue to struggle, parents and/or teachers may request that the Intervention Assistance Team meet to discuss the difficulties that a student is encountering and develop a plan to address them.  The IAT consists of the parent, teachers, guidance counselor, school psychologist and principal.  There are strict guidelines/timelines that the school has to follow before we can refer a child for testing for special education.

    We will no longer be sending home midterm reports.  We encourage you to log on to Progress Book (parent tab on website) frequently to monitor your child’s progress.  Please email Sally Cox ( to receive a key to assist you in setting up the parent account. We will be contacting you as any concerns develop throughout the school year.





Mark Esselstein




September  5—Girl Scouts recruitment, 6:30 p.m. in community room.

                          6—1st Paw Wow of the year, 8:30 a.m.

                         11—Student pictures for Monday/Wednesday preschool with

                         12-- Student pictures for PS-4th grades with LifeTouch.

                         18—Two hour delay for teacher in-service.

                         23—Officer Phil assemblies:  grades 2-4, 1:30-2:05; K-1st,

             October 3—COSI on Wheels, “Uncovering the Universe”.