School Supply List

2019-20 Middle School Supply Lists

**PLEASE-NO TRAPPERS- They do not fit in the lockers & often do not help with organization**
5th Grade 7th Grade
Boys- (1) box of Kleenex (Give to Homeroom Teacher) Boys-(1) box of kleenex (Give to Homeroom Teacher)
Girls- (1) Container of Disinfectant Wipes (Give to Homeroom Teacher) Girls-(1) Package of Wipes
All- (1) box of Kleenex (for Art Room) Colored Pencils -OR- Markers
(1) Package of multi-colored highlighters Pencils
(1) Package of Twistable Colored Pencils Highlighters- Four different colors
(1) Package Dry Erase Markers (for Math) Scissors
(2) Package Pencils for Homeroom Teacher Pencil Bag for supplies
Extra Pencils & Erasers for Student Scientific Calculator (Available in MS office for $12)
(3) 1-Subject notebooks (for LA, Math, and Science) (1) Folder for Math
(4) Glue Sticks (for Science and Social Studies) (2) 1-inch Binders (Science & History)
(4) Folders- Plastic Preferred (for Math, LA, Social Studies, Science) (1) 5 Subject Notebook (for Math)
Earbuds (1) Packet of Pencils (for Homeroom teacher)
Loose Leaf Paper
(1) Packet of glue sticks (for LA)
(1) 2-3 inch binder (for LA)
(2) Pack 3x5 Notecards (for LA & Math)
6th Grade 8th Grade
(1) box of kleenex (Give to Homeroom Teacher) TI-30XII Scientific Calculator (Available in MS office for $12)
Scissors (4) 2-pocket Folder with 3-prong Paper Holder (for Math)
Pens (Any Color) Several Pencils - Mechanical preferred
Highlighter Pack Pens - Red, Blue, Black
Glue Sticks Crayons -OR- Markers -OR- Colored Pencils
Pencils (2) Highlighters
(4) Folders- (different colors-plastic durable folders (3) 1-Inch Binders (3 Different Colors Preferred)
(1) 3-Subject Notebook (for LA) (2) Sets of 5 Dividers
(1) 5-Subject Notebook (for Math) (1) Pack of 3x5 Index Cards
(1) 1-inch Binder (for Science) Loose Leaf Paper for EACH Binder
(1) Package Colored Pencils or Crayons (1) Box of Kleenex (Give to Homeroom Teacher)
Earbuds CHOIR ONLY- (1) Box Kleenex (Give to Mrs. Wagner)